When is it time to start considering getting your windows replaced? 

This is a great question and something I love to talk about! People tend to wonder how much longer can their windows hold on or if they "really" need to be replaced. Well, here are some of the main reasons I recommend replacing windows as soon as you can

  • Curb Appeal 
  • Security 
  • Sound reduction 
  • Necessity 
  • Home value 

Curb Appeal 

Upgrading the windows in your home can totally change the aesthetic and bring it whole new life. You can change the style of windows, the color, and the configuration to get exactly the look you are wanting with your home renovation. 


Old windows tend to always have issues closing and locking properly. This is definitely not a problem you want in your home. Upgrading your windows can give you the peace of mind you are looking for by working properly with the added comfort of a lifetime warranty!

Sound reduction

If you live on a busy road or just have some neighbors who like to party, new windows can definitely help with the problem. Glass packages come with certain STC ratings (Sound transmission Class) that are made to help reduce sound. If noise is entering into your home, a glass package like this might just help solve the problem. 


This is probably the most popular reason to replacing windows amongst homeowners. If your windows are leaking, foggy, or letting every cold weather draft in, it might be time to start looking into window replacement specialist near you. 

Home value 

This is my favorite reason and the reason I replaced the windows in my home. Studies show that every dollar you are spending on new windows typically gets added back into your home with added value. Replacing your windows ranks amongst the highest ROI's when it comes to home renovation projects. It is a great investment and something I always recommend. 

If any of these reasons hit home for you, it might be time to start thinking into getting your windows replaced. JDI is here to help and consult with any window project.